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Cute Owl Mitts from Hand Knitted Yorkshire


The perfect skull jewelry from BluKatDesign

BluKatDesign Handmade Artisan Jewelry

colorful halloween earrings

Jewelry For Halloween: Skull Earrings & Necklaces

By BluKatDesign on Etsy

Are you someone who doesn’t like wearing costumes for Halloween?  If so, here is a fun alternative! My handmade skull earrings, necklaces and  pendants are so colorful and festive. Just wear them with a little black dress or jeans and a t-shirt and you would look great at any Halloween party!  They come in many colors and styles, great for Day of the Dead celebrations also. Click on photos to take you to my Etsy shop to  see more jewelry:

sugar skull earringsday of the dead earrings

skull pendants

skull necklace

halloween fashion ideasFor a cute turquoise necklace earring set, check out:

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Necklace and Earring Set in Turquoise

Follow my board on Pinterest for more:  Halloween Ideas

Would you wear these skull earrings for Halloween? Please add your comments below:

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Gorgeous Red and Gray from Daniella Joe’s Blog.

DaniellaJoe's Blog

I have lots and lots of favorite colors but at the top of my most loved color list, you will always find variations of red and gray 💜💜💜 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Aren’t these gorgeous to look at?

So, I need a new project that will rock these 2 colors. What are your favorite colors?

Happy Weekend Everyone !! have a fantastic Friday!!!

All images are thanks to Google

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Lazy Days of Summer from Hand Knitted Yorkshire

Make and Use Fashion Spirit Cards by Laura E. Alvarez

Clothes Stories



The card I chose with what was written on the back. The card I chose with what was written on the back.

My FSC's. My FSC’s.

Okay, I’m telling you what to do again. But, why should you have to suffer if I’ve learned something that can help you? Oh, the reasoning of a Leo!

Three words:  Fashion. Spirit. Cards.

Now, I’ve done my homework, and all the fashion tarot  or fashion oracle cards I am seeing out there function as traditional tarot cards with a fashion theme. My version – which I am calling spirit cards actually tell you what to wear.

We need this. Obviously. I mean, if someone like me who spends an unusual amount of time looking at and thinking about style, has moments where I don’t know what to wear, just think about what it’s like for people who don’t. You know who you are, surgeons, administrators, people with three…

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Daisy from The Green Dragonfly

The Green Dragonfly

For those of you who follow me on Facebook you will have seen progress of a little doll I am making for Maia.
Crochet Doll

She is rather cute, and has been named Daisy… which suits her, I think 🙂Crochet Doll 3

The pattern is a free one; Yun Shu… you can find it here on Ravelry. She is very easy to make, the pattern is lovely and clear with lots of photos. I made a few modifications to her so I could make her clothes that Maia could take on an off rather than crocheted in place.

I am working on making her a bedroom box – inspired by this lovely creation made by the incredibly talented Beth from By Hook By Hand, and Im also slowly making progress on her wardrobe. More on that soon…

Any crafting (including sock progress!) has been a bit slow going because we have had lots of…

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Fabric Collage Quilting from Susan Carlson Quilts

Susan Carlson Quilts

IMG_6573 A Quilt Gallery replica birdhouse given to Joan the shop owner from her employees for her birthday. Joan’s longhorn fabric collage seems to perch on the quilt store’s roof.

When one thinks of quilting meccas, I guess Kalispell, Montana, isn’t the first place to spring to mind. However, I am one of a number of quilting teachers who return to this sleepy little western town each year.

The attraction is the Quilt Gallery, owned and operated by Joan Hodgeboom, who runs a first-class fabric store and first-rate teaching venue.

My annual trek to Montana takes place either in late June or early July. This year I only had time in my schedule for one 5-day session. Joan has me committed to two weeks next year. Students come from all over the country. The class size is limited to fifteen, instead of the usual twenty, which is nice for both teacher and student.


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