Amazing leather collars by Lawrence Carter

Across Leather

custom tooled leather celtic designed dog collar from acrossleather in new castle de celtic design

pastel leather dog collar pastel leather dog collar

custom tooled leather hound collar

Ghillies newly handmade leather custom tooled dog collar Ghillies newly handmade leather custom tooled dog collar

Irish themed collar for Beamish, leather dog collars,pet accessories,handmade,hand tooled,new castle DE,lawrence carter author Irish themed collar for Beamish

dog collar pictured, custom tooled, handmade,thick,sturdy,unique collars new castle DE,acrossleather Tribal themed leather dog collar. 1 1/2″ wide by 17.5 to center hole

custom hand tooled leather leash finished in British tan spirit dye 1″ wide with custom tooling spanning 40+”, hand stitched and finished in British tan.

Designer medium large leather dog collar , Red floral dog collar , Leather collars, Border Collies collars, Poodle collar, Spaniel collarscustom tooled cross leather dog collarHand tooled leather dog collars

My rendition on "Starry Nights" My rendition on “Starry Nights”

custom tooled leather dog collars , ept accessories,dogsofinstagram,acrossleather, marketingblack out pit bull terrier ended up with this piece. Named? …..”Bullethad this piece done per order specs.

Hand tooled leather dog collarsvia Leather dog collars leashes belts built to order by AcrossLeather.

Lawrence Carter reporting in from  Across Leather studio. Do you love custom leather dog collars for your best friend? Do you like being part of your creation? That’s what we do here at  Across Leather.  You and I come up with a theme for any type of accessory for Men, Women, Child and Pet. You ever say, I’d love to have that on….? Your piece could tell a story, a journey…

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