Beautiful Pineapple Quilt from Occasional Piece Quilt


Pineapple Blocks laid out

I laid out all the pineapple blocks on a grey, cloudy, rainy day, but their brightness and color made them fun to work with (Yucky photographs, though.)  I thought about all my bee mates and was sending out Good Karma over the universe, thanking them for their work.

Pineapple Quilt Borders

But how to get a border on this thing?

Come A-Round, full SM

I remembered my other quilt with a bold colorful center, Come A-Round, and decided to mimic that idea.  This quilt, designed by the Piece O-Cake ladies, is one of my favorites.  I remembered that they have terrific border ideas, so after a Google search, found Daisies and Dots, a free pattern, which also had a great idea for a border.

Cutting Wave Border

I sewed the border pieces together in two sections, then overlaid them and cut a wavy line with my rotary cutter, freehand.  I tried to make sure the seams were kind…

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