Tea Cozy from Nero’s Post and Patch

Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

Hi dear friends! Nero should write this because this is his blog and I’m trying to be busy with sewing. But Nero is outside chatting with the neighbour ‘Rec’. Rec is a young German Shephard and I’m not sure yet if they have a nice talk or shout to each others. Lets hope they will be good friends.

tea cosy

I wanted to make a tea cosy or two. It is so cold here that an idea of hot tea, tea pot covered with warm tea cosy, feels so good. Even the light outside is cold, so the white wall looks lovely purple … matching well with my tea cosy …

tea cosy

I used my latest favourite Fabrics that I had ordered from Fluffy Sheep Quilting before the Christmas.

tea cosy process

Few photos about the process. I made this tea cosy as the one for my tutorial. Only small change is that I made the down edge…

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