Great small quilts


An colleague of mine who retired a few years ago had twin granddaughters this month. He and his wife are Argentine Tango dancers, just like my parents. They meet up regularly. (For those who have never seen this tango, here and here are some clips. Most tango dancers to don’t dance this vigorously and “wild”. The dancers in the first clip are show dancers.)

So… two more pink quilts for two little girls!

Quilt 1:

I started with squares 12,5 inches and turned them into one large pinwheel block. I trimmed that pinwheel down a bit so I could easily cut in up to create nine new pieces. The pieces were rearranged into this churndash-pinwheel. There is a wonderful video made of this technique by Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Stitched in the ditch with the accufeed walkingfoot of my Janome 7700. FMQ with the regular FMQ foot.

Glorious soft flannel…

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